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first demonstration of our skills and talent in creating music, year 2006

26.5.2006, 20:49
"leaving yesterday behind"

Hard training should now be behind, and studio session starts tomorrow with Jani's drumming. Jani has been training like a madman. His superb drumming will rule the asses of us all.

Yesterday we had an acoustic jam with Mikko, pondering and wondering the acoustic parts of the pieces. Everything went well, and hopefully goes even better during the weekend.

Small adjustments to sounds and gear (a new set of strings etc) tonight and we are ready.

The recording is going to take place in K-Sound Studio, near Oulu, Finland and the pieces that are going to be recorded are "A Shrill", "Dearth", "Stowaway", "Weave" and a bonus instrumental by the name of "The Storm Outspread".

Hails and hy's,

Jari-Pekka "Jarru" Kanniainen

27.5.2006, 23:06
"buzzing with speed of light / prog rock hallelujah"

Well, the first studio day is over and feeling is a bit relieved. Drums were recorded as well as some guitar parts. Jarru played some guitar tapping for The Storm Outspread (sorry Mikko :( ), which is now called Outspitstormspread..? And Mikko of course did great job on A Shrill and Weave.

Then something about my part.
I was having slight problems with the drum chair so we decided to use Jarru's bass ampfilier instead. And it worked well! Drums were recorded in a couple of hours, and it went just fine. Maybe tomorrow I'll try some parts again if there's time..

We hope to get the bass and rest of the guitar stuff recorded tomorrow. There will be also some cowbell and bongo action in Weave!


- Jani

Today was our second and last recording session at K-Studios. After Jani had exposed his drumming skills (although he had no experience), Jarru and I took the atmosphere pretty slack. Of course this was due to hard training. (which I didn't do until last night... ever in my life) All the song are at least 95% ready for the mix table. Ruffles were shred, tears were shed.

I enjoyed recording the acoustic parts to both Weave and Stowaway because most of my parts were improvised. I just like the idea of taking things loose because music is meant to be fun in every way. We already set a date for tomorrow (29.5) with Antti... vocals be brought forth rapidly. As we wait for the demo to be ready-made, I strongly recommend K-Studios if any of you readers are willing to try to compete with our material. :P

P.S. I'm not being cocky, it's called counter-sarcasm. xD

Mikko Logrén

30. 5. 2006, 23:45
"Are you whistlin' the Moomin -tune?"

Two days of returning to rutines and the recorded material _still_ sounds good!

Yesterday we entered another studio to record Antti's vocal stuff. We had lots of ideas, and most of them were used and improvised to fit the music. For example, Antti was kidding about some growl-thing, singing it in a major tune, and we thought he was serious. We got surprised when Antti stood up to his microphone and shouted his lungs out while we were waiting for something deeply mellow. Sudden blast struck us listening there! We decided to do the growl-thing AND the mellow thing on top of each other making the part of the song even more interesting! Antti really is a very multitalented singer, we are lucky to have him recording with us!

Today I got a message from Antti; he had re-done some of the vocal parts and added more voices to make them sound more rich. Rule stuff, I've been enjoying the pieces all evening! Ready for the mix-table at this moment are songs "A Shrill" and "Weave!".

Now there is only one song left for vocal recording, and that is Mikko's "Stowaway", the silent relaxation of our album. Of course theres a bit of a "prog shrill" fixed in it, but nevertheless, it is a very beautiful song. Mikko and Antti are going to enter the studio one more time tomorrow.

- Jarru

12. 6. 2006
Mastering the demo!

Today we mastered the demo with Antti. Some fixing, cursing and sweat, and it was ready for Mikko and Jani to listen. Few mastered versions were listened through and one accepted.

The feeling is more than nice, for the demo "Soledad In The Gale" is finally ready! The whole construction and preparation of it took more than we had expected, but the wait is worth it! We decided to add one free downloadable song now, and more one by one as time goes by. One song is going to be left as a demo bonus instrumental piece, and it will not be available through our website for a very long time. Maybe some time around our next recordings!

Enjoy the SHRILL for now!