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Bandcamp page opened! Merry new year folks!

Here it comes! A special x-mas treat for y’all!
KARAOKE version of Monumets of Control:

Congrats to Matti for winning the signed Ebb!
And concerning newer material, prepare yourselves for something special!

Review by Lammas Zine!

Blast from the past: Red Lines Entwine live 2009!



Review from the latest issue of Inferno (by Aadolf Virtanen)

8/10 from Imperiumi !

Lords of Metal graced our EP with 80/100 points!

Reviews from Can this even be called Music? & Archaic Metallurgy (8½/10)

Fourth one by Global Domination (6,5/10)

3rd review: Damned by light (7+/10)

Second review by Vertigo

First review online @

CDs & cassettes have arrived. Order HERE or at Levykauppa Äx / Record Shop X !

New EP is finally ready! Listen & download it HERE. Or order CD/cassette.
Orders will be dispatched as soon as we get the stuff, hopefully next week!

”Depth Beyond One’s has been castaway for a long time. The time off has brought something new, cooking under the surface. We found two new members last year and also accidently found ourselves in a studio back in last August. We recorded basic tracks for three new songs, which have been under a lense over the ever-dark winter. More guitars, vocals, trumpets and synths has been added and we are launching a new EP as these words are published.

Song number one is a massive, nonstopping steamtrain rolling over you. It oddly progresses eventhough it only has basically one riff which travels through terra incognito. Number two gives the shivers and is as beautiful as the first snow, or the last if you will! Third song is rough and progressively hypnotic at some points, and has a promising and heartwarming ending.

We set eyes to a new horizon.

With best regards
Jani, Jari-Pekka, Jesse, Otto and Raine
From the newly-found vast web of caverns in the Depth Beyond One’s”

A little taste of what’s about to come: Reborn

Anna Koivukangas who did our previous album art released a short animation film that includes a clip from our song Poverty. Watch the film here.

Here’s a Hungarian review of Red Lines Entwined. And a rough translation to English right here.

Serious mixing phase has begun on the upcoming EP. Vibes from the last vocal session. Stay tuned!

Today’s the day – it’s exactly 5 years since the release of Ebb! So let’s all celebrate this glorious day by watching the music video for Grand Lapse!
There’s also a competition going on at our Facebook page!

Red Lines Re-Entwined reviewed at KaaosZine.



Ho, ho! Mikko just remixed our debut album and it’s downloadable for free: Red Lines Re-Entwined. Click here for more info.

Whole discography now listenable on SoundCloud!

Watch a video collage of our recent studio trip. Also, you should now join our new Facebook page.

Under the Shadow of the Tree on compilation! Here’s a word from the label, Dante Digital:

Compilation in the style of math, progressive, djent. The compilation will include nine tracks of various artists from Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Ireland, Chile. Released compilation – June 23, 2011. Available in all digital stores.

Ex-DBO guitarist Mikko recorded his ”2011 version” of the song Red Lines Entwine.

New interview from The Metal Pulse! Also check out K+K-tactics’ first demo here!



Antti Karhu released The Session EP including stuff that was played with DBO back in the day.

RLE now also on Spotify!

Red Lines Entwined now on & iTunes!

Planning to activate things in DBO camp… + Rumours of possible gig in few months!

Autumn sale is on! Go to shop page for discounted items. Here’s a 2nd review of Black Gold III.

More blasting from the past! 1st demo’s drum videos: Weave! & The Storm Has Outspread.

DBO added to Metaldemos webpage!

While waiting new DBO stuff you might hear something from K+K-tactics! Keep checking the site for updates:!

All DBO-shirts are now sold out, thanks to you! New shirts with new design coming later this year(?) Btw, check out K+K-tactics’ third gig here and a complete list of DBO related bands here!

Read’s review of Black Gold III!

Red Lines Entwined review by Psychotropic Zone! Read it in Finnish / English.

It’s happening! Come and see K+K-tactics plus 63 other bands at Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu 12.6. Our showtime is about 17:12-17:24. See ya!

Check out categorized youtube playlists for all DBO related videos here! Added also a special video from the vaults – studio clip from 2006. Expect a 3rd live appearance from DBO-sidekick K+K-tactics in the near future…?

Shop section added + some fixes here and there.

Osta Oulun Levykauppa Äxästä tai Musiikki-Kullakselta oululaista musiikkia ja saat kaupan päälle Black Gold III -kokoelman!

RLE’s opening track Wraith will be on Black Gold 3 compilation! Check out more info here. We’ll announce our new line-up and plans for the next release soon(er or later)!

More video material from our latest gig (Lupi, Oulu 07.08.09) on YouTube!

Another new RLE review!

Check out the latest RLE-review, from Italy! And marvellous translation here.

Thanks to all t-shirt orderers! There’s still few sizes left, just drop us mail if you’re interested.



2010 is getting near and so are DBO t-shirts! Order yours by email, further instructions below.

As you might have heard, Antti and Mikko aren’t in DBO anymore. But no worries, we’re not dead yet!

New website ready to roll! And DBO t-shirts finally coming, as you can see below. Meanwhile check out this interview.

Starting to build new pages…

Check out some live clips:
Under the Shadow of the Tree
Grand Lapse/Fig Leaves/A Human Decay
+ Latest RLE review

In case you haven’t noticed:
Reviews: #1, #2. Interviews: #1 (in Finnish), #2. DBO @ Metalliliitto (from 48:15->)

”Red Lines Entwined” is finally released as a CD! See order info. Come to St Michael (Oulu) this Wednesday (8.4.) 9-11pm and buy the album directly from us!

More drum videos from the studio! CD version of the album coming available in two weeks or so.

RLE’s being finished at last. Read more from the diary! Quick update: Track list revealed

Red Lines Entwined album teaser (unmastered clips from every song): Download mp3 here!

A roar from the depths + new gig added to the list!

Wraith with drums! And more!

Gig confirmed: 7.8. @ Lupi, Oulu with fellow progsters Random Mullet!

Another bass video! (includes some vocal & keyboard stuff as well)

Happy new year y’all! RLE’s progressing smoothly. Meanwhile check out some magazines for Scrapbook DVD which features Katie’s Dream: Snowboarder, Onboard, Free magazine, Slammer.



New bass video! (includes unmixed guitars & drums)

See videos from the percussion and bass sessions! And don’t forget to read the latest and hottest info about RLE from its diary!

Video clip from the guitar sessions! Keep checking out the *diary* for updates..

Video clip from the drum sessions!

It seems that we’re getting Ebb’s ”b-side” Katie’s Dream to a new Finnish snowboard documentary The Scrapbook Project …! Recordings for the new album begins 7.11., there will be more on the *DIARY* about that.

What a special day. Diary for the new album is opened. Read it here.

Something’s happening! A few studio days are about to be booked for the drum recordings.. Some song titles: Autumn Soul, Mommy Leave The Light On, Fragile.

A LETTER from the abyss

Alrighty folks, it’s been way too long since last update. DBO crew is getting ready for new ep/album/whatever. Recordings will take place this summer. Stay tuned!

Added Grand Lapse video from 45 Special. And some nice stuff like the chat box below and review translations.

Well it was fun again, thanx to everyone involved. Pictures and videos coming online someday!

Ebb -review by English translation coming here.



Merry Xmas for all! See Band-section for a surprise..

New gig added -> Check out better quality videos from the last concert right here.

New website is up!

Just let you know that we’re constantly working on new material and new website is also coming.. So stay tuned!

And reminder for Ebbless folks: The competition is still on! Click here for more.

New interview by RadioAktiivinen added! Download it through here.

So we kept our promise and played even more than a glimpse of new stuff. The whole(!!) gig can be seen here or there. Thanks to everyone who came to see us play. It was again very splendid experience! Also some cool pictures from that evening coming soon to the gallery..

But that’s not all folks. Ancient interview from the vaults added to the Audio -section. Sorry ’bout the bad quality though.

Hi there. Brand new Interview @ (in finnish). Our next gig is 7.9. Be sure to be there and maybe witness a glimpse of new material!

New review from Stalkermusic.
We were chosen as a Band of the Month with Zacharius Carls Group at Interview is also coming to the site soon.

New review (in finnish) from Inferno here.

New review from (5/5)!
And, DBO was chosen for Fusion exhibition (art & culture from students of Oulu univercity of applied sciences) organized by OSAKO. Place is Oulu city library and duration 9.6.-8.7.2007 (closed 16.6.-24.6.). So go and check it out if you’re around! More info here.

New review by Imperiumi (3,5/5).

Check out the new review from Osakolainen here! And big thanks to all who came to see us last Thursday, it was great fun! Some pics from that evening can be found here, thank you photographer boys.

DBO’s Ebb was just chosen as a demo of the month in finnish radio show Metalliliitto! How cool is that!
And some track off Ebb was apparently played on a net radio called Pommiradio this wednesday and we ended in ”Metallia” -category with points 666. Thanks guys!
Also, the english translation of Korroosio -review can be found here.

Read the 1st review of Ebb @ Korroosio (in finnish).

CD-version of Ebb is now available!! Click here for ordering info. Some copies have already been sent for reviews and promotion.
New song added! Actually not new, but a new version.. We thought it would be fun idea to get some track with only bass and drums (paying homage to our roots). So, we took it before the mixing phase and here it is for your hearing pleasure(??), raw and stripped-down instrumental drums & bass version of Grand Lapse.
And now it’s time for us to rehearse for the upcoming gig, what is about to happen at AC Willi Sika restaurant in Oulu 19.4. Thus, be there or be square and support us by buying our records!

There are some plans for limited number of DBO-shirts, so keep checking this site if you’re going to get one!

Today, our new EP called ’Ebb’ is finally released! ’Ebb’ is a story of a family, in the form of three songs named ’Grand Lapse’, ’Wept Thoughts’, and ’A Human Decay’. Just go to the Audio section for free download of new, superb quality songs by DBO!
Click HERE for information, lyrics and more. Check out also the little competition for finding Antti’s crazy humming sounds somewhere in the songs to win a cd with autographs from all members!!!
It’s high tide time for DBO as ’Ebb’ will rule your asses! Enjoy and feast freely upon the outcome of our hard work!

You will able to buy a CD with gorgeous artwork and better sound quality for about 5 euros in the coming weeks!

We’ve finally unleashed our last record’s bonus track ’The Storm Has Outspread’ here for download! Hope you enjoy!

Great news from the bottomless pit of DBO!
Antti Karhu (vocals) and Raine Oikarinen (synths) are now official members of Depth Beyond One’s.
The new promotional disc, named ’Ebb’, is coming out soon. Vocals and synths are being recorded during this and next week. Mixtable awaits in 2-3 weeks, hopefully.

Final tracklisting looks like this:
1. Grand Lapse
2. Wept Thoughts
3. A Human Decay

Whole running time will be somewhere around 30min and all songs will be downloadable from this site! Take a sneak peek of the front cover.
Clouds of rumours go with a hazy edge; something very special has been created, again!



Studio fun is over for now. Mixing and mastering of songs will begin when Antti and Raine, familiar from previous record, are done with their parts. Meanwhile, check out some rough samples of three tracks here.

Hi! First studio day’s over. Drums were recorded as well as some rhythm guitars and acoustic bass parts. Here’s some pics, story to come.

Hi all. New review at Vertigo.
And, the band is going to the studio next week! We’ll see what happens.

Ok, time has come to reveal the tracklist for our upcoming, yet unnamed promo-cd:
1. Grand Lapse
2. Das Brief
3. A Human Decay

Check out Soledad In The Gale -review from Inferno magazine.

New review from Miasma Magazine (4/5), as well as the other writings, can be found here.
Recently some nice people from Radio Rockpolis asked us for interview and we just couldn’t say no. So it was done and our first interview was aired last saturday! It’ll be re-aired tomorrow at 14:00 and 18:00, so check it out if you missed it.
And work for our next release is going really smoothly. Still hoping to enter studio in December. Behold..!

New review at (5/5)!

Check out the music video for Dearth Of Life here. Also, we finally made our way to MySpace & YouTube!

New review at Stalkermusic (4+/5)!

New review (in finnish, again) for our demo @ Desibeli. Plans are to translate reviews into english and put them here ASAP!
Meanwhile, check out the Video -section for some studio action. There’s going be more material, as we go the stuff through.

We are happy to announce that the pieces for our next recording are already being composed! We are going to record 2-3 pieces and use them to promote us and our first demo. That is planned to happen before the year 2007. Project name is ”Violation, Pt. 1”. A little bite of a bigger cake seen in the horizon.

Check out the review (in finnish) of the demo ”Soledad In The Gale” from Imperiumi (3,5/5).
We still have demos for sale. Click HERE for ordering info. Old fans and new blood, take your chances, for with five euros you get over half an hour of great, diverse music!

If you happen to visit Levykauppa X in Oulu, check out, for our demo is for sale there! Price tag’ll be around five euros.

The DBO -trio.

Mastering done! Final versions can be found HERE. Rest of the songs will be there in a week. Demo is now available to order! Get your copy of Soledad In The Gale by following THESE instructions!

Songs were mixed today and things left to do with the demo are mastering the tunes and finishing cover art. Hoping to get the stuff out next week!
We will put first 4 songs here to download, but I suggest you to buy the demo, you’d get also the furiously grooving bonus song + gorgeous cover art and of course, better sound quality!

Final(?:) tracklist goes like this:
1. A Shrill
2. Dearth Of Life
3. Stowaway
4. Weave!
5. The Storm Has Outspread
(bonus track)

Home again.
Studio sessions are over and lots of loony stuff was recorded! We’re expecting to have the demo mixed and mastered in two weeks. Meanwhile Antti Karhu (Impish, Mental Voice) will do his vocal parts and also keyboardist Raine Oikarinen from Random Mullet is willing to lend his talent for us.
We’ll see what happens.. Hopefully we’ll get the demo out next month. Btw, there’s some samples in Music-section! More cool material from the sessions coming soon..

So, the band is about to enter the studio tomorrow. There will be some sort of studio diary coming right here. Behold!

Band biography added! Story by our lovely bass player.

Hello again.
We’re getting a real vocalist for the demo! And the tracklist is currently looking like this:
1.A Shrill
4.Weave! (For The World Has Turned Its Back On You)

Hard & intense practicing continues…

Website up and running \o/
Also the band is up and running (read: training very hard!). Planning to record a 4-5 song demo next month… Stay tuned!

The End (Start)