Monuments of Control (2012 EP)

1. Monuments of Control
2. Reborn
3. An Order Depleted



Otto – vocals
Raine – keys
Jani – drums
Jarru – bass + acoustic guitar on “Reborn”
Jesse – guitars & trumpet + vocals on “Monuments of Control”

Guest vocals on “Monuments of Control” & “Reborn” by Antti
Recorded by Juho in Tornio 2011 / DBO in Oulu 2011-2012
Mixed & mastered by Mikko in Oulu 2012
CD cover art by Anna / logo by Antti / label art by Milka / layout by Jani
Cassette cover picture by Tomi / layout & logo by Jani


Damned by light (7+/10)
Global Domination (6,5/10)
Can this even be called Music?
Archaic Metallurgy (8½/10)
Lords of Metal (80/100)
Imperiumi (8/10)
Lammas Zine


Red Lines Entwined (2009 album)


Ebb (2007 EP)


Soledad In The Gale (2006 demo)


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