Depth Beyond Ones - The Metal Pulse interview March 2011

1) What is DBO up to these days as it has been a few years since "Red Lines Entwined" has been released, new album soon?

Jarru (bass): We are waiting to see what happens. New recording is not in sight yet.

Jani (drums): Actually it's been exactly two years since the release. After that we promoted it around and did a couple of gigs here in Oulu. Time has flown by pretty fast since then as I've been busy with my other bands. We also activated our instrumental side project K+K-tactics - including me on drums and Jarru on bass. As a matter of fact our first demo will be released around these times! But with DBO it's been rather quiet since Antti (vocals) and Mikko (guitar) decided to quit the band in the fall of 2009. Me, Jarru and Raine (keyboards) - the remaining members - have written some music but haven't really rehearsed together due to incomplete lineup. But we've got a couple of talented guys willing to try the job, really looking forward to how it's gonna turn out. The concept for the next album/ep/whatever has been around for a while now, with some developable song drafts. It'll take a while to hear new songs, but we're progressing. Slowly and unsurely.

2) Let's see, you guys released a few free demos (that kick ass) and grab the attention of the prog metal community and then release your debut album. How has the overall response been to DBO overall?

Jani: Thanks for the compliment. We've had some criticism from the reviewers around the world but the overall feedback has been overwhelmingly and surprisingly favourable. Apparently there are some people as fucked up as we are! Even our first demo has gotten understanding which is weird but heartwarming.

3) What is it like to have a completely original and fresh take on progressive metal knowing that even the more popular yet "generic" prog metal bands have a hard time breaking into the scene and making a living from it?. My question is, What keeps DBO playing a more avantegarde style within the genre without just playing a more typical style?

Jani: It's great! It's what we like to do. We don't have any intentions to make a living from it, though it would be certainly great. Sure we could think about the potential audience but that would be deceitful to ourselves. Playing harmless and generic stuff just couldn't interest me less. There's already too many that kind of bands.

4) Has DBO ever considered calling it quits?

Jani: Well, no. We've had some dramatic discussions in the past but there's never been talks about terminating the band. The departure of Antti and Mikko was quite a shock but after time I took it as a chance to reinvent ourselves as a band and to hit a bit different direction.

5) Is DBO a full time priority of all members knowing you all are involved in side projects as well?

Jani: Right now DBO is not the first priority as I have two "full-time" bands; Clock Paradox (former DBO vocalist Antti plays guitar in this, by the way) and Joint Depression + few other groups that gather only randomly. However DBO is always haunting in the back of my mind telling me to get something done with it.

6) DBO being the birth from the ashes of your previous band Mental Voice (which also kicks ass) tell us the reason of this transition?

Jarru: In matter of fact, Mental Voice wasn't really "the birth" or anything like that. It is true that it was previous band for me and Antti, but otherwise DBO has been a project of me and Jani at the first place, later welcoming other members. Mental Voice might sound a lot like DBO at some points because of Antti's genuine and beautiful voice and general progressive style, but for example I had nothing to do with Mental Voice's first two (and only) recordings.

7) What can we expect the next DBO album to sound like and when can we expect it?

Jarru: Progressive, harsh and melodic. Blast beats, growl and beautiful ballads. What exactly, that depends on new members and the dynamics of the new group.

Jani: You can expect twists and turns like before but maybe with a slightly different approach. Still no radio hits ahead, sorry! As mentioned in the beginning, you have to wait for the new stuff for a while. But hopes are to get things rolling soon.

8) A lot of bands are recording full albums and are making them available for free download on various sites like their own site and sites like bandcamp just to get their name out there in hopes of growing a fanbase and getting more shows, what do you think of this as opposed to trying to sell cd's with limited sales and distribution?

Jani: We actually put the whole album listenable through our website as soon as we got the music finished. And I think we got surprisingly many interested visitors via the page and that way potential cd buyers. We could have put the whole album for free download but I don't know if it would have affected our popularity... Especially to me it was a great deal to make a proper cd release as it was the first full lenght album that I had been part of. It was also very interesting process as I compiled the booklet (awesome artwork by Anna Koivukangas) and dealt with the cd factory and all that stuff after Antti had finished mixing and mastering the songs. And I think the album turned out very nice as a whole. About 2/3 of the pressing was gone pretty fast, thanks to all buyers!

9) Tell us about the metal scene in your hometown in Finland, does DBO have a good fanbase?

Jani: I think we have 2 or 3 fans here, hah! It feels like most of our listeners are spread all over the globe. But yeah, the metal scene or the overall music scene in Oulu is constantly growing and many good bands are emerging. To name some personal favourites: Viisikko, Hebosagil, Huminoita, Dian, Death By Snoo Snoo, Napoleon Skullfukk and Bjav. Plus of course all DBO related bands! The complete list can be found at our homepage

10) Thank you for taking the time for this great interview and we wish Depth Beyond Ones (DBO) much deserved success. I now leave you with the last words to say what you will to your fans and supporters over the years! ...the stage is once again yours....

Jani: Thanks for the support! Remember to follow our doings and check out K+K-tactics at !! Cheers!