A roar from the depths

Hi to you all. We are still here. Long winter of Finland has camouflaged our bright minds in the darkness. But alas! We have not been hiding or been lazy. No! We have carved a new masterpiece in to the hard rock beneath us. Something beautiful has been created again. "Red Lines Entwined", the debut album of Depth Beyond One's is going to come out while the maiden of spring is still trying to get her will through the stubborn head of winter. Soon, my friends, soon!

The 10-piece record (approx. 55 min) is a concept album. Theme and the storyline are from the handwriting of bassist Jari-Pekka Kanniainen. Music and the composing are superb, and some of the songs have been under work for more than a year. All five members have had their influence on the music. Lots of spiritual blood and tears have been shed creating this and it can be definitely heard!

Hails and hy's,

Depth Beyond One's