Hey old friends. And new ones too. Depth Beyond One's is still alive.

We are training and going to record a whole album as soon as possible. It will be called "Red Lines Entwined", and it will be a concept album. Theme is about destinies laid before us and carpe diem, seizing the moment and kicking destiny in its balls. Hard. But for real, asking questions about life itself and of the possibilities of man seizing the moment and getting hold of his/her own life. Or do we really have anything to say against the ever-flowing, all-destructing wheel of time?

Story has two main characters, Maximillian and Emma, who are related to each other eventhough neither one of them know about it. Their own unique "red lines", lifelogos, lines of life as it goes, are entwined together in a quite sad way. Different songs are from different times and the songs will not be in normal chronological timeline. They will be more like pieces of a puzzle and views from different situations and states of mind. Mystery will never be totally exposed, but there will be hints of what happened here and there. What is to come? Keep your eyes and ears open, you never know.