”Käsittämättömän taitavaa soittoa, mutta ennen kaikkea asiallisella asenteella. Huikeaa kuinka montaa lajityyppiä pystytte sotkemaan, ja sehän lämmittää tietysti jo yksinkin heti kenen tahansa Kuha.-muusikon sydäntä.”

– Jeesus Vipunen, Kuha.


Line up

VOCALS – Otto Eräjoki (Mørket, Disare, Crustofer)
KEYS – Raine Oikarinen (Random Mullet, Underfield)
DRUMS – Jani Kuorikoski (K+K-tactics, Clock Paradox, Joint Depression, etc.)
GUITAR – Jesse Heikkinen (The Groke, Kauko Röyhkä, Jukka Takalo, Dimi, etc.)
BASS – Jari-Pekka ”Jarru” Kanniainen (K+K-tactics)

Previous members:
VOCALS – Antti Karhu (The Man-Eating Tree, Clock Paradox)
GUITAR – Mikko Logrén (Koalia, Underfield, Clark Kent Job)


History briefly

– first jams & gigs under titles J. Kanniainen & The Boys and Jarru & The Boys

– Jani and Jarru reunite and compose songs with drums and bass
– name Depth Beyond One’s brought up

– guitarist Mikko found through an internet add
– 1st release ”Soledad In The Gale” with Antti and Raine as session members
– creating new songs and heading back to K Sound Studio in December

– second release ”Ebb” out in February and first gigs with full line-up
– composing, rehearsing and demoing new material

– Ebb’s bonus ”Katie’s Dream” appears on snowboard documentary
– planning and rehearsing for the next conceptual release
– recording and mixing (DIY all the way) at the end of the year

– debut album ”Red Lines Entwined” self-released in March
– a couple of local gigs before the departure of Antti and Mikko

– ”Wraith” chosen for Black Gold 3 compilation
– recruiting new members and writing songs for the 4th release

– ”Under the Shadow of the Tree” appears on digital compilation
– EP recordings with two new band members, Jesse and Otto
– remixed debut album ”Red Lines Re-Entwined” released

– ”Monuments of Control” EP finally sees the light of day

– music videos and outtakes from previous works are released


The story

The start of something insane and totally weird, aka Depth Beyond One’s, goes back to 2003 when Jarru and Jani were introduced to each other by a good friend of Jarru, Marko ”Mosse” Moilanen, who was their armybuddy at the time. Jani, Jarru and a guy named Juho Rikberg formed a band, played a show and ruled the asses of army-greenlings. After the gig, the band broke up and the idea was put aside for some time.

One and a half years went by and Jani had moved to Oulu to study a higher degree. Jani and Jarru contacted each other to play more of that chaotic stuff they had played earlier, both recalling the easiness and good groovy feel of the music and the gig back in 2003. They started to train wicked progressive rhythms and riffs together. The last half of the year 2005 was quite intense training and composing, and 3-4 pieces of instrumental music was created. Strangely, the band still consisted only of a bass player and a drummer. At the time, it felt like a good idea to practice the bass licks to match with Jani’s drumming before processing forward.

Then came the year 2006, and Jani and Jarru planned to get more members. A guy was found from the internet (from a forum for musicians in Finland). Young, virtuoso guitarist named Mikko Logrén joined the depths of the progressive abyss. Immediately after Mikko was tested (and approved of course!) by Jarru, the band started to train the older pieces and composing of new material. Mikko has billions of riffs up his sleeves!

Spring 2006: first demo, ”Soledad in the Gale” came out. Vocalist was easily found from Jarru’s other band, Mental Voice. The singer, writer, composer and an excellent guitarist named Antti Karhu agreed to do the vocals after a small chat with him. Synths on the songs ”A Shrill” and ”Stowaway” were played by a band member from finnish prog metal act Random Mullet. Raine Oikarinen did excellent job.

January 2007: the founding DBO-trio went to studio to record guitar, bass and drum tracks for our second album named ’Ebb’. Then Raine and Antti came back and filled the songs with their talent and ambition. 21th of February 2007 the deviant ’Ebb’ was published through our website for all the world to enjoy and feast upon! Afterwards we decided to become a five-headed monster named Depth Beyond One’s. Antti and Raine joined the band.

2008 to 2009: The long winter of Finland camouflaged our bright minds in the darkness. But alas! We were not hiding or being lazy. We carved a new masterpiece in to the hard rock beneath us. Something beautiful was created again. ”Red Lines Entwined”, the debut album of Depth Beyond One’s came out while the maiden of spring was still trying to get her will through the stubborn head of winter.

The 10-piece record is a concept album. Theme and the storyline are from the handwriting of bassist Jari-Pekka Kanniainen. Music and the composing are superb, and some of the songs have been under work for more than a year. All five members have had their influence on the music. Lots of spiritual blood and tears have been shed creating this and it can be definitely heard!

You are now blessed with two hours of free music. From our website you can enjoy all our songs, from the scattered yet beautiful arrangements of Soledad in the Gale to the last breath of The Breathing Space..

A glance at all these moments – both gone and yet to be – and everything is looking just fine.

To be continued…


It’s been few years now with the current form of the band. The idea of Depth Beyond One’s has transformed from a regular band to a small community of prog musicians with a desire to do what ever is needed to find a golden piece of music. We won’t have any mainstream albums even though we might produce a singular song echoing some elements from radio hits.

There is this Jesse-guy in guitar (and trumpet etc.) and Otto-man in growl voices. Raine is still with us, at least that is what the rumours tell. Me and Jani, well, we were there in the start and I bet it’ll eventually go with us. Who knows?

In August of 2011 we went to studio and recorded three songs. They came out June 2012 in the form of an EP. Some people have liked it, some people have written pretty weird stuff about it in reviews and some people can’t stand it. That’s good.

We all are back in the same city nowadays. Oulu is our home town. There is a rising of Oulu (Uleåborg) prog metal. We will be in the wave too. Just wait and you’ll see.


one of the many beyond their depths